When the PHP project began its work on PHP 7, we knew that something big was on the way. We wanted to write a book that helps our readers to understand PHP 7, not only by listing new features and backwards compatibility breaks, but also by giving background on why things are the way the are. We made the promise to keep the book updated for PHP 7’s lifetime, and let aside the fact that we did not always manage to do so in a timely fashion, we kept that promise.

With PHP 8 being released around the time when we write these lines, this not only concludes the content of this book, but also our content updates. We will, of course, make patch releases to fix typos and correct mistakes, but unless something really unexpected happens with PHP development (like a PHP 7.5 release), “this is it”.

Thank you for your interest in PHP, and your interest in our book. We certainly enjoyed writing it (almost all the time), and hopefully you enjoyed reading it (almost all the time). If you liked this book, please check out our website for other content on PHP. We offer trainings, consulting services, and as frequent conference speakers, we have made a plethora of conference presentations and videos available online. Come visit us and take a look around.


Sebastian, Arne, and Stefan