We would like to thank the PHP core developers, especially Nikita Popov, Dmitry Stogov, Xinchen Hui, for their vital contributions to PHP 7’s compiler as well as its bytecode optimizer and executor.

We would like to thank the PHP 7 release managers – Anatol Belski and Ferenc Kovacs for PHP 7.0, Joe Watkins and Davey Shafik for PHP 7.1, Sara Golemon and Remi Collet for PHP 7.2, Christoph M. Becker and Stanislav Malyshev for PHP 7.3, and Peter Kokot and Derick Rethans for PHP 7.4 – for their work on planning, scheduling, and testing the PHP 7 releases.

We would also like to thank Sebastian Heuer for his contributions to this book’s “Getting PHP 7” chapter.