What You Get

With PHP 7, compared to PHP 5, you can expect 100% or even more performance gain on most real-world applications. In addition, PHP 7 consumes less memory. This means that PHP 7 is the fastest and most cost-effective PHP ever. Its performance is more or less even with HHVM, so the good news is: with PHP 7, there is no need to rely on Facebook keeping HHVM and Hack compatible to PHP.

But this is just the beginning. After many years, PHP – and this also holds true for pretty much every other software project of a similar age – had become more and more difficult to extend, maintain, and optimize. The time and effort that were invested into a revamped PHP 7.0 codebase paid off and the minor released that followed brought new features and performance improvements.

Looking back at the evolution of PHP since PHP 7.0 came out and forward to PHP 8, we are sure that PHP’s future will be bright and golden, making it a good choice of technology for small and large-scale web projects.