eBook - PHP 7 Explained


"[This eBook] provides a straightforward, approachable, exhausive list of everything a fluent PHP 5 developer needs to know both to use PHP 7 and to know why to use PHP 7. It is, quite literally, explaining everything about PHP 7 that developers making the transition need to know."

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"PHP 7 Explained does not only provide deep insights for developers upgrading or migrating to PHP 7, it also extensively covers the benefits and drawbacks of PHP's modernization. For a price that is only steep at first glance, you get a comprehensive look behind the scenes of PHP 7 and – something no other author offers – regular updates for every minor version of PHP 7: you buy the book once and have an always up-to-date reference over the entire lifetime of PHP 7. What more could you want?"

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"An almost full collection of visible changes [in PHP 7] and possible incompatibilities. Great for people who migrate their code to PHP 7."

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